Rants & Raves

Rawr! Vent those frustrations about dating.

Thanks for the memories…

Bonzo wrote:  I internet dated for about 8 years or so, and oddly enough, almost all of the dates I had were normal women who were generally nice folks. Not that we were all ‘soulmates’ (I’ve learned to despise that nomenclature), but that is no reason to ruin what could be just an enjoyable evening […]

Masquerading as a Woman

Chris wrote: If you’re a guy cruising through Way Too Personal or Internet Dating Stories you might be thinking, “Is this for real? Do guys really write these awful emails?” As a guy, and I can tell you that many men certainly do. I know, because before these sites existed, I went on an Internet […]

Unrealistic Expectations

Jerry wrote: Internet dating is the biggest farce going. It totally sucks…if you’re a great guy, good job, got it together (but don’t look like Pitt or have the last name of Clooney), forget it, you’re toast. Save your money and go back to singles bars. At least there, you might actually have a chance. […]

Long List of Losers

Kristi wrote: I don’t have just one story, I have a whole list of losers that I have come into contact with in the four years that I have been “dating.” I am so thankful to have found this website, because I was beginning to question my own sanity. Here they are in all their […]

Ups & Downs

Dane wrote: My housemate came home one day to tell me that he met this gorgeous Irish girl online, only one problem … he wasnt good at online chatting. So I took over to try and help him, to which HE soon lost interest and before we knew it, Liz and I got to know […]

Spot the Missing Woman!

Samantha wrote: Here’s a new, informal competition when looking at the personals: Spot the missing woman! She’s either the bride (look for traces of confetti or even better parts of her wedding veil), his wife (the female hand draped casually over his shoulder with clear wedding ring), fiancee … you get the picture … Then […]

25 Rules for Women

Patty wrote: This is excerpted from an ad I just came across on a dating site. OMG! I hope someone castrates this pig and sells him into slavery to an evil dominatrix… <BLECH!> And he actually thinks this ad will *attract* women??? <*boggle*> 25 Rules for Women, as Dictated by Men… 1. SportsCenter starts at […]

Not Ready for the Altar

Matt wrote: You know, it’s really damned funny… I’ve been doing the online dating thing off-and-on for about 18 months, since I work at home as an artist, it made sense. I have to say, however, that the female stereotypes about most men seem to be just as applicable to most women I’ve met… yes, […]

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