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A few short years ago, the common assumption was that anyone who’d turn to their computer for love had to be a geeky, pathetic loser who couldn’t get a date. More recently, with the Internet changing everything from the way we shop to the way we find driving directions, cyberspace has become the hottest pick-up joint on the planet.

I’m Lorina, and I’ll be your host and guide through these Internet Dating Stories. ¬†I’m also the¬†webmistress of Way Too Personal and Dating Advice Forums, and veteran of many personal ads, wacky responses, and crazy dates. But despite all the weirdness, I still managed to find the right guy for me. We’ve been married since 2001.

These stories prove not only that normal, stable everyday folks are using the internet to find romance, but that sometimes… there’s still a lot of freaks out there.

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